At Thomas & Sons Moving Company, the safety of our customers, employees, and community is our number one priority. We are taking all CDC recommendations seriously and following the CDC guidelines as they are updated during the COVID-19 pandemic. We ask that you, the customer, do the same.


Here are a few changes we are implementing:


Pre-Move Crew Member Wellness Check:


We have posted signs and symptoms of COVID-19 in our offices to better inform and provide awareness to our crew members. Any crew member who feels uncomfortable coming to work, feels ill, or suspects that they may have had contact with an infected person should not come to work and will contact management prior to coming to the office.


Pre-Move Customer Wellness Check:


Management will contact customers prior to move date to inquire if the customer feels ill or suspects they have been in contact with an infected person. Moving services will be cancelled or postponed if necessary, to ensure the safety of our staff and the customer.


Increased Cleaning:


We are significantly increasing cleaning duties in our offices and moving trucks. All offices and moving trucks are equipped with disinfectant and will be cleaned daily. All crew members are required to wash hands prior to and after all moving jobs. All crew members will also be provided with gloves and masks daily. If you would like the crew members to wear masks and/or gloves, please let them know. Moving trucks will be sanitized before and after each move. This includes steering wheels, door handles, and any regularly touched surfaces, including hand tools. Moving pads will be steam cleaned at the CDC recommended heat levels.


If you would like us to take any other precautions, e.g., wiping down furniture with disinfectant before/after, we are happy to do so. This is something we would recommend customers do before movers arrive, or we can do this while on the clock.


Due to the lack and limitations of disinfectant supplies we ask that if you would like us to wipe down your items please provide the supplies needed for the crew to use.


Social Distancing:


Our normal procedure at Thomas & Sons Moving Company is to shake your hand at the beginning and end of each move. This is a value we have always taken seriously, as it shows professionalism and respect to our customers. However, currently with COVID-19, we ask that our customers keep at least the recommended 6' distance from crew members and limit the amount of people at each location during the move. Air high fives are acceptable :).


Further, we have eliminated all non-essential visitors to our facility and prohibited unnecessary company travel. We will still be in the office normal hours but ask that you call if possible.



Open Windows When Available:


In residential and commercial move settings when available, we ask that our customers open outside doors and windows 10-15 minutes before scheduled move to increase air circulation.


In addition, please keep in mind:


Thomas & Sons Moving Company is a low-risk company as we are locally owned and operated. We do not hire day labor or subcontractors.


We limit our crews to 1-2 move jobs per day.


Our crew members have been told to stay at home if they show any symptoms and avoid high risk areas via CDC guidelines.


We are also avoiding high risk areas both locally and out of state.


We'd like to remind you that we have always offered to reschedule at no charge and ask that you contact us to reschedule your move if you or your loved ones are feeling sick.


Please stay safe at healthy.


Shannon Thomas, Owner-Thomas & Sons Moving Company